Innovative production of synthetic fuels

An innovative production plant is located in Bogumiłów, Kleszczów community. It has a production capacity equal to approx. 22,500 tonnes a year of synthetic fuels from ethanol.  

The plant is being constructed on a site of 5.5 ha. Production infrastructure is located over an area of 3.8 ha. 

The plant has been built according to modern design standards allowing the fulfilment of strict environmental protection regulations.

The applied equipment solutions allow the achievement of high economic efficiency in the production process and greatly reduce the environmental impact while maintaining exceptional care for work safety. 

The production infrastructure is based on highly-advanced equipment and devices procured from the manufacturers of global leading brands i.e. Hovden, Zeeco, Yokogawa, Honeywell, Samson and Fusch, Dickow as well as from recognised Polish manufacturers.

The heart of the plant is a production facility that stands out due to the high level of automation of the production process based on high quality equipment and stock of machines, consisting of equipment manufactured in accordance to very strict standards for the oil-gas industry.
The Japanese DCS-class system is responsible for production control, while the entire production process is supported by a manufacturing execution system (MES). Stock management is supported by a tank stock metering system and Leading Distribution Management System TM.

The production process has been designed in line with the principle of “incorporating quality into processes” at the level of technological regime, as well as regarding the standard of the equipment used and analytical process control.

The process solutions and effects obtained thanks to them are in line with the current applicable environmental standards, combining them with state-of-the-art techniques available in the petrochemical and chemical industry. Moreover, full automation of the plant integrated in the DCS minimizes the number of manual operations required.

The plant has its own wastewater treatment plant and manifold system of safety valves with outlet to torch that allows it to burn the potential emergency dump without contaminating the natural environment with combustible gases. In order to provide high work standards, the plant has extensive social and technical facilities, office buildings and car parks.

The plant is equipped with a state-of-the-art fire protection system, CCTV system and professional property protection system. 


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