Innovative production of synthetic fuels

The company uses technology, unique on a global scale, for the production of synthetic fuels obtained in the process of catalytic conversion of ethyl alcohol.

Feedstock for the process at the ETG (Ethanol To Gasoline) plant located in Bogumiłów is produced entirely from biomass in the form of ethyl alcohol.

The chemical changes occurring during the technological process result in irreversible chemical transformation of alcohol into synthetic hydrocarbons and water.

The process is conducted in a system of reactors operating in series. The reaction of catalytic conversion of ethyl alcohol to synthetic hydrocarbons occurs in gaseous phase in two stages.
The first stage is a strongly endothermic reaction of alcohol decomposition which produces ethylene and steam. 

The next stage consists of complex strongly exothermic reactions of synthesis of hydrocarbons from ethylene. 

The hydrocarbon mixture produced in the process is transferred to a stabilising column, where it is separated into a liquid fraction and a gaseous fraction. The liquid fraction is subsequently separated into individual products in a distillation column.

The entire process requires only a small amount of external energy. This both helps to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases during the process and significantly improves performance indicators.

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