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Climate protection

Rapidly advancing climate change has opened our eyes to the needs of the world to reach for renewable resources.

The vision of our company perfectly matched the global trends, because our priority was to create such gasoline and propane-butane mixture, which, without spending funds, will allow the use of the existing infrastructure while guaranteeing the highest quality products.

Global economies are striving to achieve zero CO2 emissions as soon as possible, and our company allows you to get it today!

The idea of the company

Climate protection, and in particular striving to achieve low emissions (ZERO EMISSION) of CO2, is a global goal that has guided us from the beginning of our company’s existence.

For us, sustainable development means, above all, products that are environmentally friendly, do not degrade natural deposits of fossil fuels, and allow the use of waste that floods our planet.

All these values are in line with the idea of our products made of ethyl alcohol from, among others, from waste unfit for human or animal consumption.

The idea of sustainable development assumes that respect for the environment will translate into the possibility of using energy sources for many generations.

Our priority is to optimize production processes so as to use renewable energy sources as much as possible. For this purpose, we use our own resources, using bio LPG produced during the process, which is of the same high quality as its fossil counterpart.

CO2 reduction

With the aim of protecting the climate and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the European Union has set the sustainability requirements for biofuels and bioliquids produced from biomass. These assumptions apply to the entire production, processing and supply chain of the enterprise. As participants of the chain, conducting the conversion process, we are obliged to calculate the real values of greenhouse gas emissions at the stage of production and transport to the recipient. We determine the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in relation to its fossil fuel counterpart.


Bio LPG and liquid biocarbons are certified in the ISCC, REDCERT and KZR INiG systems.
These systems confirm that we strive to achieve the highest possible emission neutrality of our product.