Quality Control Laboratory in Bogumiłów

The Quality Control Laboratory in Bogumiłów is equipped with high-class control and measurement devices that enable the process to be carried out and quality control at the highest world level. An extensive quality control system allows you to analyze the results at every production level (from raw material to final products). Through a well-secured production process, we can eliminate any possible irregularities at all production stages.
Depending on the requirements of our clients, we perform a wide range of specialized tests, in accordance with the applicable standards, by a professional and experienced staff of laboratory workers. Their reliability is confirmed by analyzes performed in external, accredited laboratories.
Ekobenz is environmentally friendly, which is why we have our own sewage treatment plant, which is under constant laboratory control.
In order to guarantee high-quality products, our laboratory works 7 days a week. In our work, we apply the principles of good laboratory practice and follow the principles of occupational health and safety.