Zero emissions

Created in our own laboratory with zero emissions in mind, technologies unique in the world are used in the production process on a daily basis.

Unique technologies

The Ekobenz production plant is located in Bogumiłów, 10 Zachodnia Street, in Kleszczów.

Technologies created in our own laboratory, with zero emissions in mind, are unique in the world. These technologies are used in the production process on a daily basis.

The heart of the plant is the production , which is distinguished by a high level of automation of production processes based on high-class field equipment and modern machinery.

During the process, ethyl alcohol is used, which, when treated with a catalyst, initiates the process of biocarbon synthesis. Further separation of the product obtained in this process allows to obtain the following biocomponents:

The production process in the plant was based on the principle of “building quality into the process”, therefore we care about proper monitoring of the process from delivery to the final products (bio propane-butane, liquid bio-hydrocarbons and aromatic bio-hydrocarbons). It is possible thanks to the technological advancement, the standards of the devices used as well as the analytical and continuous quality control of the process.